Lifts ANY Bed!

Including Yours. It's an Adjustable Bed...
But Better!


This device works on all platform and slat beds (over 90% of beds). 100 night guarantee!*

It telescopes to match YOUR bed frame’s, and mattress’ width, no matter what make or model. 

It’s designed to support your back, improve sleep, and to work with any mattress.

It takes 15 minutes to set up. 

It’s perfect for work, rest, and play. Get one for you, OR your parents!

The BheemUP frame has been tested rigorously, on vulnerable individuals, students, and professionals. 

Years of design and engineering has developed a patent protected system, and proprietary design, which allows BheemUP to work with ANY bed, while supporting your lumbar spine and providing evidence based inclined bed therapy. 

It can be paired with our office or rest friendly bed-table.  

Don’t spend thousands of dollars and hours of your life bringing a hospital/adjustable bed to your home. Make what you already have… BETTER. 

Easy to Assemble.

Just 6 easy steps, 2 sets of straps, and you’re ready to go.

Trusted by 201 people, and counting!